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Adventure Slots 840x470 - The Rise of Online Adventure Slots

Playing online adventure slots can be exciting all in itself as you imagine yourself exploring the world in search of treasure. Together, with many other adventurers, you are sure to discover many fortunes within the jungles.

Today, we will introduce you to the world of online adventure slots as well as what they are and the reason why you need to be playing them. Once you have a firm grasp on adventure slots, we’ll go over a few of them and explain what makes them worth playing.

What is an Online Adventure Slot?

An online adventure slot is made up of a slot game that has an adventure or travel theme set around events that have happened, legends, myths, or destinations worth travelling to. Not only that, but they include a vast array of creatures and characters that’ll make the adventure exciting.

What may surprise you is the fact that a big win will not always be the reason behind many players seeking to play these themed slots. What the players often feel drawn to are the different blend of action, scenes, the sounds, and of course the riches.

Why Play Online Adventure Slots

Regardless of the amount you have to play with or method at which you play, a slot that includes different themes like adventure can easily ship you off onto your very own adventure. It can be an exciting change when you’re able to come across an interesting theme.

It’s always interesting to stumble upon a new world or happen upon a theme you never knew existed. This is what makes online adventure slots the most favoured by gamblers today.

To have an idea of what we mean, we have listed a few reasons for so much popularity of online adventure slots.

• Online adventure slots incorporate themes and designs that are the most liked and recognized.

• They can easily transform your reality and take you into the gaming world.

• Game characters correlate with the theme of the game and focus on archeological discoveries, travel, adventure, treasures, and jungles.

• Besides having fun with the theme players still manage to rack up sizeable payouts and bonuses.

• Players can take the games “on the go” on their mobile devices such as a cell phone or tablet.

A Few examples

You would be surprised to know just how many online adventure slots there currently are. However, we’ve listed a few examples of the most popular currently available. Who knows, maybe your favourite will be listed below.

Gonzo’s Quest

This online adventure slot follows a Spanish adventurer known as Gonzalo Pizarro. Throughout Gonzo’s Quest, you’ll discover why this online adventure slot has become loved by so many players. Not only is it enjoyed by thousands, but it is also NetEnt’s first successful slot to go mobile. As you play you will be instantly transported into a world located deep inside the jungles of Central America.

Gonzo’s Quest highlights many unique ways that allow players to fully enjoy the adventure. These include substitutions of the wild, multipliers, free fall, avalanche reels, and an assortment of visuals and sounds. All of which supplies their game with an exciting and straightforward plot.

Mining Fever

Mining Fever by Rabcat follows a few dwarfs who set out to find a treasure that a dragon keeps guard of. Your objective is to help the dwarfs drill their way underneath as they head towards the dragon. You are surely going to be collecting gold and smashing things along the way as you take a ride on their Dwarven Gold Train.

With a lot of action involved as you drill, you’ll discover many things to hit and bomb all while winning a good payout. It involves multi-lines that provide over 240 methods of winning.

WhatToKeepInMindWhenPlayingDemoSlotsAtTheSite PostImage - The Rise of Online Adventure Slots

Treasure Skyland

Treasure Skyland by Microgaming and JFTW introduces the player to the adventurous world of pirate monkeys. As you take a cruise on their ship towards Treasure Skyland, you will only be able to imagine what awaits you. Treasure Skyland prides itself with their treasure map and Features Reel.

With the Treasure, Skyland Feature Reel makes unplanned stops so that each spin increases the chance of winning by use of the wild, upgrades, and multipliers. Besides that, an offer known as Pick Bonus allows the player to receive a top prize following the successful completion of all treasure map steps.

Aldo’s Journey

As you set out on Aldo’s Journey you’ll enjoy world travels that are made possible by Yggdrasil. Throughout this slot, you’ll be searching Mongolia, Persia, Italy, and China for various benefits and offers while exploring each region as you complete your round of free spins.

Aldo’s Journey provides a design with exciting images and background. Not only that, but Aldo’s Journey slot is very unique, to say the least. Aldo’s Journey is perfect for players who want to experience adventure in a whole new way.

Skulls Up!

Skulls Up is another pirate-themed slot that was developed by Quickspin and has you searching for treasure and skulls.

Throughout Skulls Up you’ll experience an adventure that has you searching for wilds known as a Flaming Skull. Once you trigger one you will get to experience a feature known as the wild respin. Plus, after triggering a total of three treasure chests, a round of free spins will be accessed.

Jungle Jim and the Lost Sphinx

This adventure-themed slot by Microgaming is the second adventure that shows Jungle Jim continuing his search for treasure. As a player plays Jungle Jim and the Lost Sphinx they’ll enjoy an opportunity to achieve a massive payout amount of over 6,200x, beautiful visual effects, free spins, multipliers, and win boosters.

Not only that but this reel slot consists of 5×5 and offers over 30 pay lines that can be increased to 50 so that many more wins are possible.

John Hunter and the Aztec Treasure

This adventurous slot is a continuation of a series that follows the main character, John Hunter. As you head out to explore with John you’ll soon discover ancient Aztec secrets that only John Hunter and the Aztec Treasure slot can provide.

To get the most out of John Hunter and the Aztec Treasure, you need to continuously trigger the multipliers and free spins.

Mighty Arthur

This adventure slot has King Arthur teaming up with Merlin to remove the sword from the Stone so that the player can receive a generous payout.

The Mighty Arthur online slot provides a generous amount of free spins, as well as many other perks. Other perks include wilds that look like heroes and are fully viewable. Merlin is a random wild and can appear at any moment to enhance 6 other wilds, while King Arthur is capable of creating a symbol with a 3×3 maximum payout.


When it comes to adventure-themed slots, you can see that there are a lot of reasons to get in on the action. Not only will you love how each adventure is set up, but you will always find a way to win big while playing.

Hopefully, we’ve sparked your interest enough to where you will love to play one of these online adventure slots. If you do, we are certain that you will enjoy every minute that you spend playing.

Progressive Jackpots 840x470 - The Best Progressive Jackpot Slots.

It is every punter’s dream to win millions of dollars and change turn their lives around completely. This can be only happy when your lucky stars collide when you prompt a progressive jackpot whose total comes up to a specific Jackpot prize. Winning is possible, but the question is, which are the best progressive jackpot slots? In this article, we share the best progressive jackpot slots not only because of their sizes but also because of what they offer.

1. Major Millions

Major Millions has been around for a long time. It was one of the earlier Microgaming progressive Jackpots, which still attracts many punters. One of the reasons for its continued popularity of the game is the fact that it offers a good amount of credits. With an affordable coins range, any player can take their chances on this slot.

This slot is powered by Microgaming and features five reels and fifteen pay lines. The symbols are bright and stick to the theme. To win this slot, you will need the wild symbol. To bag the Jackpot threshold indicated above the reels, you will need to land all five on the 15th pay lines. Even if your intention isn’t to win the Jackpot, you can play Major Millions for the base game where you will get rewarded. If you are playing to experience its fullest potential, you could joint the list of over seventy winners who have triggered this progressive slot and walked away with millions.

2. Mega Moolah

Mega Moolah is one of the most popular progressive slots powered by Microgaming, going by the number of players that give it a try it in Mega Moolah hosting casinos. This slot has gained traction over time and is currently played by millions of payers every day. This slot features five reels and 25 pay lines. Other games under this slot include the Mega Moolah Summertime, Mega Moolah Isis, and Mega Moolah 5-reel drive.

Mega Moolah has four different themes, unlike many contemporary slots. Players can choose to try their luck in the American, Summer, Egyptian, or African themes. Regardless of the theme you choose, you stand a chance of winning every time you play. You can also play from anywhere in the world and have the winnings wired to you in your local currency when you win.

This slot is purely a game of luck; there is no pre-determined way of winning it. You need to keep playing and hope your lucky stars will align that day. If it helps, there have been tens of winners previously, and your name could make it to that list.

3. Jackpot Giant

Jackpot Giant is powered by Playtech and is unique as it allows players to win both Jackpots and progressive jackpot slots. This is an exciting and smart twist by the developer as it gives payers more options to win from. Playtech has always delivered when it comes to visuals, and it did not disappoint in the Jackpot Giant visuals. The slot features five reels and fifty pay lines. It offers players the two options but comes with no other games.

4. Beach Life

Beach Life is also powered by Playtech and is a fantastic progressive jackpot that has been won the hearts of punters since it made its entry into the market. The theme is a Beach, as the name suggests. It features a very relaxing and soothing background. This theme will transport you right to the beach, and you may find yourself wanting to win so bad so that you can hit the beach. It features five reels and twenty polylines.

To win the Grand Jackpot, your lucky stars need to strike five wild symbols on the 20th pay lines. There are no rules to this game and no sure way of winning, but the pros advise that if you want to win, then play the maximum with all twenty pay lines on. This will increase your chances of winning higher amounts. The slot also offers mini-games, therefore, widening the player’s selection base. If you are lucky and get a combination of the highest paying symbols and the bonuses, you can win up to 2000 times. There have been winners whose winnings went up to £5.1 million. It is worth the try.

DemoSlots PostImage - The Best Progressive Jackpot Slots.

5. Mega Fortune Dreams

Mega Fortune Dreams is another enjoyable, progressive slot from NetEnt. Net Entertainment has always delivered to its fans’ expectations when it comes to coming up with creative slots. The top of the notch graphics and visuals will, without a doubt, transport your mind through the luxurious theme. This slot has since its launch been a favourite among jackpot players. This game is not only available on desktop but mobile as well. It features five reels and twenty pay lines. The game is user friendly, and one can easily navigate the options on the control panel. The best part is, you can win the progressive Jackpot at any point during the game. There are three, and the total of the three is usually displayed above the reels. The highest winner on this slot won £4 million. It is, therefore, worth the try.

6. Golden Sevens

7 Golden Sevens is a progressive jackpot from Novomatic. You can win up to forty million coins from this respected Vegas Classic. Besides winning the progressive slot, you can win the traditional way on the tables by spinning and combining fruits and other symbols. This slot has 15 reels and 20 pay lines. Those going for the big win will be happy to have minimum distractions on their way. To win the Jackpot, which currently stands at over three hundred thousand, you need to fill all seven spots with the number 7, and all that money could be yours. Players can spin and win with as low as one coin. You can play this game on both the desktop and smartphone.

7. Aztec’s Millions

Aztech Millions is a progressive slot from RTG. It is a standard game with the 15 reels, 25 pay lines, and three symbols. Players are required to play all 25 lines with no option of choosing. The stake amount is also fixed to $0.20 for each pay line. This means to play for Aztec’s millions; you need five bucks even before the games begin. The wild symbol is; Aztec King, who only appears on the second, third, and fourth reels.


These are the top picks for the best progressive Jackpots on our list. Many others in the market are tailored to fit clients’ needs in terms of visuals and price range, as well as bonus features. Why not try one of our picks, you could be the next multimillionaire. Progressive Jackpot slots are not just about winning but are about fun, Entertainment, and winning while at it.

slot machines 840x470 - The best slot game software providers

The online gaming company relies on software providers to create a game. Slot game software providers can be associated with the success in the transformation of the casino from traditional land-based casino games to online casino gaming. Online gaming can be played using internet-enabled devices like smartphones and computers. Every online casino has one or more slot game software providers. The one with one provider is known as a single provider, while the one with more than one provider is known as a multi-provider. A right slot game software provider offers creative, innovative, and qualitative products. When you access the online casino platform, you will be able to know their software providers. The following are ten casino software industries that are the best providers of online games over the world. They are as follows;

Net Entertainment

Net Entertainment is always shortened to NetEnt. It is a Swedish based software provider founded back in 1996. This company was founded in 1996. It is associated with some of the most popular online gaming sites, such as Scarface, South Park, Alien, among others. Its players recognize NetEnt for offering slots like a Starburst, Jack Hammer, Jack, and the Beanstalk, Gonzo’s Quest, Guns, and Roses, among others. In the beginning, NetEnt was producing java based games but later converted to flash-based.

Micro gaming

It was founded back in 1994 as an online Casino. The micro gaming company was the first to create and produce online slots. This company has won multiple awards from being the best gaming company. It has produced over 850 online slots and is seen as the trailblazer in the online gaming software provider. Its shots are associated with the highest online jackpots. Also, it can be attributed to the highest jackpot payout in history. This company has its poker network and produces table games.

Golden Race

The golden race is a casino software company, and it was established in 2006. This company is based in Malta but has its offices in Spain. It is mainly used in the online sports betting sites. The golden race is used worldwide by gamblers in 3D Football, Basketball, Real fighting, and 3DHorse Racing

Bet Soft

Best soft is based in Cyprus and was founded back in 1999. Betsoft is well known for offering quality graphics in its software and involving gameplay. It uses 3D slots for the gaming industry. Best soft offers slot machines plays, which are web-based. It also incorporates in their online slots features like video game-like slots and 3D graphics. It uses animations plus other effects, which makes it accessible in the online software provider.

DemoSlots PostImage - The best slot game software providers


Playtech is also a popular software provider. It was established in 1999. Playtech software can provide solutions to all online gaming like sports betting, and casino games, live casino poker games, and many more. It can be used as a single service provider or can be incorporated into an existing software provider to serve as multi-service providers. Playtech is the biggest online gaming worldwide and is always on the top in social games with great slot games like Age of Gods, Man of Steel, and Frankie Dettori’s Magic Seven. It does its operations on companies that are licensed and with regulated jurisdictions like Casino Gran Madrid, ipoker, Serbian State Lottery, and AAMS.

Dragon Fish

Dragon Fish was formed in 2007. It is owned and managed by 888 companies. It is licensed and regulated across multiple jurisdictions. This company provides partnerships that enforce business development and growth. This gaming software company is associated with 888poker, 888casino, 888 sports, and 888 bingo.


Novomatic Software Games Company was debuted back in 1980 by Prof. Johann F. Graf. Novomatic groups of companies are based in Gibraltar, Macedonia, Switzerland, Germany, Lithuania, and the Czech Republic. It succeeded in the development of land-based slot machines for their fun players, and its performance was successful. Later in 2009, they acquired a Green tube. The green container is an internet game developer, and hence the company diversified into online gaming. From then it has produced many games.

Real-Time Gaming

Real-time gaming is among the top providers of games and slots. It was founded back in 1998 in Atlanta, Georgia. Real-time gaming slots are of good quality, and they are plentiful and not costly to license. These factors make this software to be used by many online casinos.

International Game Technology

International Game Technology was established in 1971 but went to the public in 1981. International Game Technology is the largest company that manufactures slot machines. International Game Technology slots have the best reviews online. This company provides casinos with software that can be either land-based gambling or online-based. This company is well known for its high-quality games and the progressive online system. Its popularity has made many online casinos to choose its services. It offers games that are very accommodative of many players regardless of the stake the players have.


It was founded in 1997, and it is based in the United Kingdom. Mazooma is well known for producing high-quality slot machines. Mazooma machine slots can be used in real casinos or virtual casinos.

Every virtual based casino needs software providers to produce a slot game. An online may choose to either engage on or gamer providers. A good software provider company should be licensed and should also provide high-quality slots. There are a variety of software providing companies and the casino just needs to choose among the list.

casino 840x470 - The Best RPG Slot Games

A New Way to Play Casino Slot Machines

Casinos have long held the reputation for swing men’s minds due to their intoxicating aura. You can have a ton of fun and spend the whole night enjoying yourself without realizing how much time has passed. Now you can bring this experience into your home thanks to the power of the Internet. Unfortunately, something is missing because of the ambience that a casino setting brings with it. Luckily some other reasons make it just as fun to play online casino games as it is to play them in a real casino. Let’s take a look at one of the newest trends that have been exciting casino players around the world.

What Are Casino Slot Role-Playing Games?

The older generation of casino goers may not be as interested in this newest innovation of the gambling industry however people who grew up with videogames are going to love it. It combines some of the best aspects from conventional casino slot games and fantasy role-playing games like Final Fantasy. These slot machines are full-fledged videogames that include a storyline and even a level progression system. The result of these upgrades and enhancements is a casino game that is much more engaging than your typical slot machine. There is more to do than just press the same button over and over again all night because you will need to think as you play the game. This

What Makes These Types of Games Attractive to People

Now you may find yourself wondering what it is about combining a regular videogame with a casino slot game that makes them so attractive to people. The fact of the matter is there are several reasons that these types of games have been more popular among the young crowd in particular than conventional slot machines. Below is a list of three factors that people have said led them to enjoy playing these types of casino games more than conventional games that you find in a casino.

The Ability to Level up by now if you have been keeping up with trends in almost any industry then you have probably heard about the gamification trend that has been growing in popularity around the world. The idea is that the human psychological system all unique for each shares commonalities between everyone. The easiest way to encourage someone to develop a new habit is through positive reinforcement. The levelling system that is included in these casino games gives you a little bit of a reward in the form of added levels once you gain enough experience points. Believe it or not, this has been shown to have a significant effect on people’s willingness to continue with a task.

Multiplayer Opportunities while inside of a regular casino you obviously have the opportunity to speak to all of the other patrons that are frequenting the establishment but whenever you are playing online that same opportunity never presents itself. Luckily the people who have developed these games have added the ability to play multiplayer. This means that you can connect with any of your friends or family around the world so that you can both play casino slot RPG games at the same time cooperatively. This can help to add to your enjoyment of online casinos because one of the biggest complaints that most people have is the lack of other people.

It Is Engaging and Exciting as much as you may love to play slot machines eventually a person does get tired of pressing the same button or pulling the same lever over and over again all night. That is why people have been finding these RPG games far more engaging than a conventional slot machine. There is so much more depth to these games then the ones that you find inside of a casino it is almost unfathomable. These games have storylines for crying out loud. Of course, it is going to be far more exciting and engaging if there is an objective and you are responsible for more than button pushing and lever pulling.

WhatToKeepInMindWhenPlayingDemoSlotsAtTheSite PostImage - The Best RPG Slot Games

Top New Casino Slot Role-Playing Games

Now that you know why people are flocking to the new casino RPG games in such large numbers it is time for us to go over some of the most recently released games that are worth your time. Below you were going to find four of the best games that have been released in recent years that are casino slot RPG games.

Beat Square by Konami

Konami is known best for its gaming enterprise for consoles and PC gamers. This does not prevent them from expanding their activities into the casino industry as well. Luckily with the release of this new game, it is easy to see that their experience designing games for mainstream markets have been a huge asset. It is one of the most well-polished casino games that you were going to find currently. The storyline itself is well-developed for the casino industry and it is exciting enough to keep you engaged while you play. There is a good chance that you are going to want to keep coming back to this one over and over because of how addicting it is to play this game.

Rays of Egypt by Incredible Technologies

Incredible Technologies does not have nearly the same track record that Konami has but that has not prevented them from designing one of the best new casino RPG slot games. It is set in ancient Egypt and the storyline is one of the best that we have ever seen in this industry. We are not going to ruin anything but all we can say is that you need to play this game.

Wrecking Ball by International Game Technology

International Game Technology has set a new standard inside of the industry for what players can expect whenever they are getting ready to play a casino’s slot RPG game. People will no longer settle for half-baked character design and underdeveloped storylines. People are going to want a game that could be sold as a standalone full-fledged videogame in a mass-market setting. Something that has mass-market appeal is an impressive feat for an online free to play casino RPG slot game.

Monopoly Hotshot by Scientific Games

Scientific Games has taken one of America’s favourite board games and transformed it into one of the most unique cross-genre casino RPG slot games ever released. If you have ever found yourself wanting to see some character development inside of the monopoly universe than this is a slight game that is going to leave you wanting more.

Parting Remarks regarding Casino Slot RPG Games

What more is there to say about casino slot RPG games? They are not only a great way to pass time thanks to the engaging storylines, the level progression systems, and the character development that is included. They are also one of the most exciting new ways to play casino slot games online for free. Get ready to win yourself some money while also experiencing some of the best new RPG storylines released this year.

online slot 840x470 - The Best New Online Slot Games

Top five online slot games

Do you love to win money or even cryptocurrency on the internet from the comfort of your rocking chair at home? a good online slot game should have the following qualities…

1. A Return to Player of 97% or higher

2. HD graphics

3. A wild symbol

4. A bonus round

5. A Double or Nothing feature

Here are the top five online slot games that can help you with just that. First on the list we have Berryburst. You will find everything you need to know about this wonderful online slot game. Berry burst with its five reels and its 3 rows, is the latest in fruity video slots. This delicious mouth-watering game provides the player with plenty of entertaining tunes and graphics to stimulate the mind while you play. A combo that just can’t be beaten. Collect as many fruit symbols as you can to get the jackpot. If you are looking for a game to make you hungry for more and just all-around fun. this is the game for you.

Next on our list is going to be a wonderful online slots game cal Fortunes Of Ra, named after the great Egyptian god of the sun.

You will find the second most popular slot machine game up to date. although the Fortunes Of Ra games lack originality with the fact that it takes after all the other Egyptian slot games and follows the story a young beautiful Egyptian explorer, it lands on our list because of its ten play-lines and 3 reels. with any match of 3+ on you pull you will win some sort of prize. its almost impossible to lose.

The next one on the list is Wheel Of Fortune. though the game is never the same as the show, and show very few similarities to the show, the game itself is still rated at 4.6 People who are familiar with the television show of the same name will no doubt have great expectations OF the Wheel Of Fortune game and its new Triple Extreme! Spin feature. Although the game has very little in common with how the show itself works, the online slot’s creators have great success when it comes to capturing the excitement and the on the edge of your seat fun of the television show, and relaying it to the game, even if Pat Sajak is nowhere to be seen! Wheel of Fortune offers great jackpots on a 5-reel slot. with its Five reels and its three rows, Pat Sajak knows how to be entertaining int this number three spot.

The next game on our list is thunderstruck 2. This game is Great if you love to see graphics of high quality and an air of excitement and fulfillment when you play. This is the second game under the widely-loved Thunderstruck slots series from Microgaming. Thunderstruck II slots based mostly on the Nord Gods. The new and improved symbols include multiple figures from Nordic mythology (such as Thor), Thor’s Hammer, a Viking ship, and others. Not only is this game great for smartphones and tablets, but it also has a wide array of bonuses to collect on when you play. Not only are the bonuses great but the app has a very high payout rate compared to most so it’s worth checking out.

Last but not least on our list of Epic casino Slot games is called Triple Diamonds. Created in 2015 by one of the biggest names in casino gambling, IGT, Triple Diamond is an easy to play original casino slot game. with its ( rows and 3 play-lines it provides an experience like no other in the slot gaming world.with its high jackpot, low/medium variants, and a higher than usual payout rate this game is perfect for new players that wanna become lifetime gamblers. we been told that there a few downfalls to the game like its lacking in bonus rounds or the fact that to a seasoned slot machine player it can get boring quite quickly or that there are no bonuses to the game, however, it has only one wild card which a good thing for those that like to win big instead of gradually crawling your way to the top. There you have it those are the top five online casino slot games available in New Zealand. so if you don’t know whether you want to be a full-time slot machine gamer or just a time-waster that loves to hit the pull button these are the best options for you. from beginner to an expert advanced player you can find something to entertain you here on this list.i hope you found the list to be properly informative and easy to understand.

WhatToKnowAboutTheGrowingTrendOfRPGSlotMachines FeaturedImage 840x470 - What to Know About the Growing Trend of RPG Slot Machines

The term RPG stands for role-playing game. This gaming concept has been introduced in online casino games, and particularly in slot machines, years ago. However, it has recently been experiencing a sprawling phenomenon across the web.

The impact on video gaming in the culture of the youths is undeniable. So, it is only natural that developers in the gambling industry started incorporating RPG elements in their offer.

RPG slots

RPGSlot PostImage - What to Know About the Growing Trend of RPG Slot Machines

RPG slots features all the things you would expect from a typical online slot machine. But they also include characters to play with, immersive storylines and a progression system based on levels.

On many common online slots, mini games triggered in specific bonus rounds are fan-favorite features. Entering the RPG era in slot development, providers realized that they could expand on this part of the gameplay and make those extra rounds the focus of the adventure.

Gamblers are now allowed to enjoy an experience that gives them something to aim towards, other than just the goal of hitting the right combinations and scooping winnings.

They can play around with the characters and uncover plot points of the story as they go. The fact that these slots feature levels is also a truly enticing factor that contributes to player retention.

RPG slots have been an unquestionable success, mostly among younger players, but now also expanding to meet the interests of older gamblers. Head over to the casino sites that our team has recommended for players in New Zealand as you will be able to find some of the best RPG slot machines.

sacre - 3 Best Online Casino Websites in New Zealand

We have selected the 3 most important websites that every New Zealander that is interested in online casinos should visit before playing at an online casino. The websites are not necessarily those of the actual casinos but are rather chosen as resources that Kiwis should read before signing up to an online casino.

What laws govern online casinos in New Zealand?

The first thing anyone should do before gambling online is understand the laws that govern the activity. This is not just true for online casino but should also be considered when betting on sports, lottery or taking part in any trading and investment schemes.

The best resource for this information in New Zealand is the DIA (Department of Internal Affairs) website. The website can be found at https://www.dia.govt.nz/. There are a number of important questions that can be answered by reading the DIA website. These are some of the most pertinent questions:

Is online gambling legal in New Zealand?

Yes, online gambling is legal for New Zealanders to play at an Online Casino as long as the casino is not located in New Zealand. This answer was source from the Casino Services and Prohibited Gambling page on the DIA website.

Is online gambling advertising legal in New Zealand?

No, it is not legal to advertise online gambling as a New Zealander. The advertising on online casinos is explicitly prohibited prohibited under section 16 of the Gambling Act 2003. This answer was source from the Casino Services and Prohibited Gambling page on the DIA website.

What is the intent of the Gambling Act 2003?

The Gambling Act 2003 was the first law in New Zealand to address and regulate remote interactive gambling. This answer was source from the Remote Interactive Gambling and the Gambling Act 2003 FAQ page on the DIA website.

Best Online Casinos Guide for New Zealanders

The second website we recommend all New Zealanders visit is Best New Zealand Casinos. This website is the best resource we have found for casino reviews, legal information and everything else you might need to know regarding online casinos in New Zealand.

Andrew Stone is the website moderator and has more than 10 years experience in various areas within the online gambling space. His insights into what makes a great online casino are invaluable and his casino reviews are unbiased and truly insightful.

The most important sections we found on the site were:

Top Online Casinos NZ
Best New Zealand casinos features the top NZ online casinos on its home page. These casinos all accept New Zealand players and have been tested by the team at Best NZ casinos. You can find the list on the homepage.

Minimum Deposit Casinos NZ
The minimum deposit casinos bonus page is fantastic for anyone looking for an online casino bargain. Websites with minimum deposits as low as $1 are listed on this page. Best NZ Casinos also provides bonus information on these deposits, indicating which which deposit values and payment methods trigger casino bonuses. Visit the page to learn more from .

Depositing safely at Online Casinos

Most online casinos offer multiple methods for depositing at their casinos. There are various advantages and disadvantages of these payment methods. It is currently possible to use your to use your credit card to make deposits at online casinos in New Zealand but this looks like it might change in the near future. According to Casino News Daily it looks like using your credit card for any form of gambling may soon be blocked by banks in New Zealand.

This means that you will soon need to use online wallets if you wish to use you credit card. We have listed the safest and most convenient online wallets for casinos bellow:

  • Neteller – One of the oldest and most reliable online wallets for casino players.
  • PayPal – a household name for many online transactions. Online casino support is limited for this payment method though.
  • PaySafe Card – One of the best online casino payment methods. Some minimum deposit casinos require PaySafe card to access the really low deposit amounts.
  • POLi – An Australian finch business that offers an online wallet that is easily accessible to Kiwi’s and accepted at most online casinos

The best resources for New Zealanders looking to play at online casinos

There you have it, our list of the best websites available to Kiwi’s looking to play at online casinos. The list is extensive but you will not regret doing a little bit of homework before you end up loosing your hard earned money.

Good luck and most of all gamble responsibly. Winners know when to quit.

The3LandBasedCasinosInNewZealandThatGenerateTheMostSales FeaturedImage 840x470 - The 3 Land-Based Casinos in New Zealand that Generate the Most Sales

Although the government in New Zealand does not grant any licenses to online casinos running their activities from the country, the situation is different when it comes to land-based casinos. There are currently six casinos in operation in New Zealander territory.

They are the Dunedin Casino, the Christchurch Casino, the SKYCITY Auckland, the SKYCITY Hamilton, the SKICITY Queenstown and the Lasseters Wharf Casino. Out of the six, the first three are the Kiwi land-based casinos that generate the most sales. We will talk about them in more detail.

SKYCITY Auckland

SkycityAuckland PostImage - The 3 Land-Based Casinos in New Zealand that Generate the Most Sales

The city of Auckland is considered to be the world capital of adventure. And even the SKYCITY casino strives to keep in line with that high status. In fact, at the SKYCITY Auckland, there is a platform 630 feet (192 meters) from the ground off which you can sky jump at speeds of around 53 miles (85 kilometers) per hour.

But the casino offers many other thrills that meet the needs and wants of virtually any visitor. There are high-class restaurants, live entertainment events and poker tournaments. At the SKYCITY Auckland, you will find more than 1000 table games and 1600 slot machines.

More than a casino, it is one of Auckland´s main touristic attractions, located at the heart of the city’s central business district.

Christchurch Casino

ChristchurchCasino PostImage - The 3 Land-Based Casinos in New Zealand that Generate the Most Sales

This was the first casino to ever open in New Zealand, back in 1994. In 2004, SKYCITY acquired a 40% stake, making the Dunedin Casino the only casino in New Zealand with no involvement from SKYCITY.

The Christchurch Casino flaunts over 500 slot machines and 30 table games. Some of the most popular options are baccarat, poker and roulette. You will also be able to spend a great time at any of the three restaurants and two bars. Every week, there are live bands, DJs and entertainment acts at the Christchurch Casino.

Dunedin Casino

DunedinCasino PostImage - The 3 Land-Based Casinos in New Zealand that Generate the Most Sales

Back in 1883, the fantastic Dunedin’s Grand Hotel came to existence. It was designed by the famous and accomplished Italian architect Louis Boldini. The Dunedin´s Grand Hotel was considered by many to be one of the most jaw-dropping hospitality projects in the entire Southern Hemisphere.

In 1999, the building went through an extensive repurposing development and it became the Dunedin Casino. To this day, the casino retains the exuberance and the splendor of the original construction as a differentiating factor.

Now, the Dunedin Casino offers almost 200 slot machines and many table games. Poker tournaments are frequent, as well as live entertainment sessions.

The main restaurant is fabulous. The overall atmosphere keeps in line with the majestic feel of the casino. However, unlike in most high-class restaurants, the menu includes actually good-sized portions. The delicious options are a great way to reenergize and decompress before or after your gambling session.

The casino is located at the very heart of the city of Dunedin, which allows you to quickly and easily visit many other points of interest.With all that is offered in these three New Zealander casinos in terms of gambling selections, food options and cultural events, it is no wonder that they are the casinos in the country that generate the most sales.

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The website Best New Zealand Casinos (bestnewzealandcasinos.com) is arguably the best slot machine platform for Internet players in New Zealand. You can access an endless range of slots that are free and don’t require your registration. They can also be played across all desktop, laptop and mobile devices.

A large part of the gaming selection at Online Slots NZ is comprised of demo versions of the best slot machines around.

Demo slots

DemoSlots PostImage - Learn About the Site that Offers Countless Demo Slots to Gamblers in New Zealand

At Online Slots NZ you will find virtually any type of demo slot you can imagine. There are over 1000 options available. The offer is incredibly diverse. It includes branded machines, cluster games and even 3D slots.

Tips for playing

TipsForPlaying PostImage - Learn About the Site that Offers Countless Demo Slots to Gamblers in New Zealand

Here are some tips that will enhance your experience playing demo games at the website. Some slot machines come with a feature called Force Function, which permits that you fast-forward the game to any type of bonus you wish to try out.

That way, you can quickly assess if the extras and features in a specific slot match your needs and wants. In the majority of the cases, the slots that offer the Force Function are the ones provided by Blueprint Gaming, so look for the developer’s catalog when browsing Online Slots NZ.

There is another great way for you to immediately experience bonus features in the website’s slots, although this one is paid. It’s called the Buy Bet function. It allows you to purchase your way to a bonus round.

What to keep in mind when playing demo slots at the site

WhatToKeepInMindWhenPlayingDemoSlotsAtTheSite PostImage - Learn About the Site that Offers Countless Demo Slots to Gamblers in New Zealand

We recommend that you play at least 150 and ideally 200 spins of any slot machine at Online Slots NZ to get a good perception of what each game is actually like. The gameplay may not grab you from the very beginning, but after a fair amount of spins you can uncover several exciting features that you will love.

What should you keep in mind when playing a demo slot and trying to determine if it is the kind of game you would be willing to play for real money? Consider three main aspects: the theme, the bet range and the volatility.


Figure out if the overall theme of the slot fits your personal interests and makes the game engaging and entertaining for you.

Bet range

The bet range can be very different from one online slot to another. Make sure that the game matches your budget. The best way to do that is by thinking of the play money you have access to in the demo version as actual money.

Then, you will be able to figure out if you have the budget to play the slot once you decide to move on to the real money version.


You should always look for information about a slot´s return to player percentage. Additionally, keep track of how many times you hit winnings and how generous those payouts are. Of course, that is far from a precise arithmetic average, but it will help you grasp the specificities of your personal experience with the game.

Head over to Online Slots NZ, the oasis of free slot machines for players in New Zealand!

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First off, we need to answer to the fundamental question. Is online gambling legal in New Zealand? Yes, it is.

Legal status of online gambling in New Zealand

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The government does not give licenses to any online casino operators in the country, so it is not legal for a gambling site to be run from New Zealand. However, citizens are free to gamble in any international online casino platform, as long as, of course, the international site is legitimate.

Because of the online gambling landscape in New Zealand, there are no casino sites that target specifically to New Zealander players. Nevertheless, some of the sites that operate from other countries offer conditions that are overall more beneficial to Kiwi gamblers. And that is what we will help you with.

Playing at online casinos in New Zealand

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Generally speaking, Internet gamblers from New Zealand tend to gravitate towards the most popular and available options in online casinos, namely slot machines, blackjack, video poker, baccarat and roulette.

As we have mentioned, there are no gambling platforms that run their activities with Kiwi players specifically in mind. That makes it a little difficult for New Zealanders to look around the web for sites that assure secure banking options, fast payouts and acceptance of the New Zealand dollar.

But worry not. We will recommend not one, not two, but 10 online casinos that are perfect to gamble from New Zealand. They check each and every box when it comes to being a great gambling platform.

But for our list, we focused on the sites that offer top-quality, cutting-edge, modern-looking and innovative games with the best graphics.

Afterall, you shouldn´t have to settle for basic, boring or lower-quality games just because the site fulfills the specific technical and bureaucratic criteria that you need to meet as a gambler from New Zealand. You can have the best of both worlds.

The 10 best online casinos for players in New Zealand

The10BestOnlineCasinosForPlayersInNewZealand PostImage - 10 Online Casinos that Offer Games with Great Graphics to Players in New Zealand

Our top 10 is as follows: Jackpot City, Spin Casino, Mr. Play, Royal Vegas, Ruby Fortune, Omnia Casino, BetWay, Gaming Club, Casino.com and 888 Casino.

Besides the jaw-dropping graphics across the game selection, here are some other extremely important considerations.

The top 3

Jackpot City offers a welcoming bonus of up to 1600 dollars, withdrawal speed of 2 days, a win rate of more than 98%, live gambling, varied and secure banking options, and more than 600 games.

Spin Casino offers a sign-up bonus of up to 1000 dollars, withdrawal speed of 3 days, a win rate of almost 98%, a wide range of banking methods, and over 650 games.

Mr. Play assures a welcoming bonus of up to 200 dollars, withdrawal speed of 3 days, a win rate of 97.5%, live games, special rewards programs, a range of the best banking methods and more than 350 gaming options.

Online casinos in the top 10

All of the casino sites on our list guarantee high-quality and high-performing games, a broad game selection and exciting welcoming bonuses. On top of it all, they are the best in terms of top-notch security, deposit and withdrawal options, mobile compatibility and fast payouts.There you have it! Make this your number 1 guide for online gambling in New Zealand.