3 Best Online Casino Websites in New Zealand

3 Best Online Casino Websites in New Zealand

We have selected the 3 most important websites that every New Zealander that is interested in online casinos should visit before playing at an online casino. The websites are not necessarily those of the actual casinos but are rather chosen as resources that Kiwis should read before signing up for an online casino.

What laws govern online casinos in New Zealand?

The first thing anyone should do before gambling online is to understand the laws that govern the activity. This is not just true for an online casino but should also be considered when betting on sports, lottery or taking part in any trading and investment schemes.

The best resource for this information in New Zealand is the DIA (Department of Internal Affairs) website. The website can be found at https://www.dia.govt.nz/. Several important questions can be answered by reading the DIA website. These are some of the most pertinent questions:

Is online gambling legal in New Zealand?
 Yes, online gambling is legal for New Zealanders to play at an Online Casino as long as the casino is not located in New Zealand. This answer was sourced from the Casino Services and Prohibited Gambling page on the DIA website.

Is online gambling advertising legal in New Zealand?

No, it is not legal to advertise online gambling as a New Zealander. Advertising on online casinos is explicitly prohibited under section 16 of the Gambling Act 2003. This answer was sourced from the Casino Services and Prohibited Gambling page on the DIA website.

What is the intent of the Gambling Act 2003?

The Gambling Act 2003 was the first law in New Zealand to address and regulate remote interactive gambling. This answer was sourced from the Remote Interactive Gambling and the Gambling Act 2003 FAQ page on the DIA website.

Best Online Casino Guide for New Zealanders

The second website we recommend all New Zealanders visit is Best New Zealand Casinos. This website is the best resource we have found for casino reviews, legal information and everything else you might need to know regarding online casinos in New Zealand.

Andrew Stone is the website moderator and has more than 10 years of experience in various areas within the online gambling space. His insights into what makes a great online casino are invaluable and his casino reviews are unbiased and truly insightful.

The most important sections we found on the site were:

Top Online Casinos NZ
Best New Zealand casinos feature the top NZ online casinos on its home page. These casinos all accept New Zealand players and have been tested by the team at Best NZ casinos. You can find the top online casinos in New Zealand listed on the Best New Zealand Casinos homepage.

Minimum Deposit Casinos NZ

The minimum deposit casino bonus page is fantastic for anyone looking for an online casino bargain. Websites with minimum deposits as low as $1 are listed on this page. Best NZ Casinos also provides bonus information on these deposits, indicating which deposit values and payment methods trigger casino bonuses. Visit the minimum deposit casinos page to learn more from Best New Zealand Casinos.

Depositing safely at Online Casinos

Most online casinos offer multiple methods for depositing at their casinos. There are various advantages and disadvantages of these payment methods. It is currently possible to use your credit card to make deposits at online casinos in New Zealand but this looks like it might change shortly. According to Casino News Daily, it seems like using your credit card for any form of gambling may soon be blocked by banks in New Zealand.

This means that you will soon need to use online wallets if you wish to use your credit card. We have listed the safest and most convenient online wallets for casinos below:

  • Neteller – one of the oldest and most reliable online wallets for casino players.
  • PayPal – is a household name for many online transactions. Online casino support is limited for this payment method though.
  • PaySafe Card – One of the best online casino payment methods. Some minimum deposit casinos require a PaySafe card to access the really low deposit amounts.
  • POLi – An Australian finch business that offers an online wallet that is easily accessible to Kiwis and accepted at most online casinos

casino online - 3 Best Online Casino Websites in New Zealand

The best resources for New Zealanders looking to play at online casinos

There you have it, our list of the best websites available to Kiwis looking to play at online casinos. The list is extensive but you will not regret doing a little bit of homework before you end up losing your hard-earned money.

Remember, online casinos need to be licensed by the country they are serving. It is important to check if the gambling site you wish to join is licensed by the authorities and if it is not, you should look elsewhere or better, choose a site that is licensed, as you will have a better chance of seeing your money again.

Good luck and most of all gamble responsibly. Winners know when to quit.

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