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The term RPG stands for role-playing game. This gaming concept has been introduced in online casino games, and particularly in slot machines, years ago. However, it has recently been experiencing a sprawling phenomenon across the web.

The impact on video gaming in the culture of the youths is undeniable. So, it is only natural that developers in the gambling industry started incorporating RPG elements in their offer.

RPG slots

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RPG slots features all the things you would expect from a typical online slot machine. But they also include characters to play with, immersive storylines and a progression system based on levels.

On many common online slots, mini games triggered in specific bonus rounds are fan-favorite features. Entering the RPG era in slot development, providers realized that they could expand on this part of the gameplay and make those extra rounds the focus of the adventure.

Gamblers are now allowed to enjoy an experience that gives them something to aim towards, other than just the goal of hitting the right combinations and scooping winnings.

They can play around with the characters and uncover plot points of the story as they go. The fact that these slots feature levels is also a truly enticing factor that contributes to player retention.

RPG slots have been an unquestionable success, mostly among younger players, but now also expanding to meet the interests of older gamblers. Head over to the casino sites that our team has recommended for players in New Zealand as you will be able to find some of the best RPG slot machines.

3 Best Online Casino Websites in New Zealand

We have selected the 3 most important websites that every New Zealander that is interested in online casinos should visit before playing at an online casino. The websites are not necessarily those of the actual casinos but are rather chosen as resources that Kiwis should read before signing up for an online casino.

What laws govern online casinos in New Zealand?

The first thing anyone should do before gambling online is to understand the laws that govern the activity. This is not just true for an online casino but should also be considered when betting on sports, lottery or taking part in any trading and investment schemes.

The best resource for this information in New Zealand is the DIA (Department of Internal Affairs) website. The website can be found at https://www.dia.govt.nz/. Several important questions can be answered by reading the DIA website. These are some of the most pertinent questions:

Is online gambling legal in New Zealand?
 Yes, online gambling is legal for New Zealanders to play at an Online Casino as long as the casino is not located in New Zealand. This answer was sourced from the Casino Services and Prohibited Gambling page on the DIA website.

Is online gambling advertising legal in New Zealand?

No, it is not legal to advertise online gambling as a New Zealander. Advertising on online casinos is explicitly prohibited under section 16 of the Gambling Act 2003. This answer was sourced from the Casino Services and Prohibited Gambling page on the DIA website.

What is the intent of the Gambling Act 2003?

The Gambling Act 2003 was the first law in New Zealand to address and regulate remote interactive gambling. This answer was sourced from the Remote Interactive Gambling and the Gambling Act 2003 FAQ page on the DIA website.

Best Online Casino Guide for New Zealanders

The second website we recommend all New Zealanders visit is Best New Zealand Casinos. This website is the best resource we have found for casino reviews, legal information and everything else you might need to know regarding online casinos in New Zealand.

Andrew Stone is the website moderator and has more than 10 years of experience in various areas within the online gambling space. His insights into what makes a great online casino are invaluable and his casino reviews are unbiased and truly insightful.

The most important sections we found on the site were:

Top Online Casinos NZ
Best New Zealand casinos feature the top NZ online casinos on its home page. These casinos all accept New Zealand players and have been tested by the team at Best NZ casinos. You can find the top online casinos in New Zealand listed on the Best New Zealand Casinos homepage.

Minimum Deposit Casinos NZ

The minimum deposit casino bonus page is fantastic for anyone looking for an online casino bargain. Websites with minimum deposits as low as $1 are listed on this page. Best NZ Casinos also provides bonus information on these deposits, indicating which deposit values and payment methods trigger casino bonuses. Visit the minimum deposit casinos page to learn more from Best New Zealand Casinos.

Depositing safely at Online Casinos

Most online casinos offer multiple methods for depositing at their casinos. There are various advantages and disadvantages of these payment methods. It is currently possible to use your credit card to make deposits at online casinos in New Zealand but this looks like it might change shortly. According to Casino News Daily, it seems like using your credit card for any form of gambling may soon be blocked by banks in New Zealand.

This means that you will soon need to use online wallets if you wish to use your credit card. We have listed the safest and most convenient online wallets for casinos below:

  • Neteller – one of the oldest and most reliable online wallets for casino players.
  • PayPal – is a household name for many online transactions. Online casino support is limited for this payment method though.
  • PaySafe Card – One of the best online casino payment methods. Some minimum deposit casinos require a PaySafe card to access the really low deposit amounts.
  • POLi – An Australian finch business that offers an online wallet that is easily accessible to Kiwis and accepted at most online casinos

casino online - 3 Best Online Casino Websites in New Zealand

The best resources for New Zealanders looking to play at online casinos

There you have it, our list of the best websites available to Kiwis looking to play at online casinos. The list is extensive but you will not regret doing a little bit of homework before you end up losing your hard-earned money.

Remember, online casinos need to be licensed by the country they are serving. It is important to check if the gambling site you wish to join is licensed by the authorities and if it is not, you should look elsewhere or better, choose a site that is licensed, as you will have a better chance of seeing your money again.

Good luck and most of all gamble responsibly. Winners know when to quit.

The3LandBasedCasinosInNewZealandThatGenerateTheMostSales FeaturedImage 840x470 - The 3 Land-Based Casinos in New Zealand that Generate the Most Sales

Although the government in New Zealand does not grant any licenses to online casinos running their activities from the country, the situation is different when it comes to land-based casinos. There are currently six casinos in operation in New Zealander territory.

They are the Dunedin Casino, the Christchurch Casino, the SKYCITY Auckland, the SKYCITY Hamilton, the SKICITY Queenstown and the Lasseters Wharf Casino. Out of the six, the first three are the Kiwi land-based casinos that generate the most sales. We will talk about them in more detail.

SKYCITY Auckland

SkycityAuckland PostImage - The 3 Land-Based Casinos in New Zealand that Generate the Most Sales

The city of Auckland is considered to be the world capital of adventure. And even the SKYCITY casino strives to keep in line with that high status. In fact, at the SKYCITY Auckland, there is a platform 630 feet (192 meters) from the ground off which you can sky jump at speeds of around 53 miles (85 kilometers) per hour.

But the casino offers many other thrills that meet the needs and wants of virtually any visitor. There are high-class restaurants, live entertainment events and poker tournaments. At the SKYCITY Auckland, you will find more than 1000 table games and 1600 slot machines.

More than a casino, it is one of Auckland´s main touristic attractions, located at the heart of the city’s central business district.

Christchurch Casino

ChristchurchCasino PostImage - The 3 Land-Based Casinos in New Zealand that Generate the Most Sales

This was the first casino to ever open in New Zealand, back in 1994. In 2004, SKYCITY acquired a 40% stake, making the Dunedin Casino the only casino in New Zealand with no involvement from SKYCITY.

The Christchurch Casino flaunts over 500 slot machines and 30 table games. Some of the most popular options are baccarat, poker and roulette. You will also be able to spend a great time at any of the three restaurants and two bars. Every week, there are live bands, DJs and entertainment acts at the Christchurch Casino.

Dunedin Casino

DunedinCasino PostImage - The 3 Land-Based Casinos in New Zealand that Generate the Most Sales

Back in 1883, the fantastic Dunedin’s Grand Hotel came to existence. It was designed by the famous and accomplished Italian architect Louis Boldini. The Dunedin´s Grand Hotel was considered by many to be one of the most jaw-dropping hospitality projects in the entire Southern Hemisphere.

In 1999, the building went through an extensive repurposing development and it became the Dunedin Casino. To this day, the casino retains the exuberance and the splendor of the original construction as a differentiating factor.

Now, the Dunedin Casino offers almost 200 slot machines and many table games. Poker tournaments are frequent, as well as live entertainment sessions.

The main restaurant is fabulous. The overall atmosphere keeps in line with the majestic feel of the casino. However, unlike in most high-class restaurants, the menu includes actually good-sized portions. The delicious options are a great way to reenergize and decompress before or after your gambling session.

The casino is located at the very heart of the city of Dunedin, which allows you to quickly and easily visit many other points of interest.With all that is offered in these three New Zealander casinos in terms of gambling selections, food options and cultural events, it is no wonder that they are the casinos in the country that generate the most sales.

LearnAboutTheSiteThatOffersCountlessDemoSlotsToGamblersInNewZealand FeaturedImage 840x470 - Learn About the Site that Offers Countless Demo Slots to Gamblers in New Zealand

The website Best New Zealand Casinos (bestnewzealandcasinos.com) is arguably the best slot machine platform for Internet players in New Zealand. You can access an endless range of slots that are free and don’t require your registration. They can also be played across all desktop, laptop and mobile devices.

A large part of the gaming selection at Online Slots NZ is comprised of demo versions of the best slot machines around.

Demo slots

DemoSlots PostImage - Learn About the Site that Offers Countless Demo Slots to Gamblers in New Zealand

At Online Slots NZ you will find virtually any type of demo slot you can imagine. There are over 1000 options available. The offer is incredibly diverse. It includes branded machines, cluster games and even 3D slots.

Tips for playing

TipsForPlaying PostImage - Learn About the Site that Offers Countless Demo Slots to Gamblers in New Zealand

Here are some tips that will enhance your experience playing demo games at the website. Some slot machines come with a feature called Force Function, which permits that you fast-forward the game to any type of bonus you wish to try out.

That way, you can quickly assess if the extras and features in a specific slot match your needs and wants. In the majority of the cases, the slots that offer the Force Function are the ones provided by Blueprint Gaming, so look for the developer’s catalog when browsing Online Slots NZ.

There is another great way for you to immediately experience bonus features in the website’s slots, although this one is paid. It’s called the Buy Bet function. It allows you to purchase your way to a bonus round.

What to keep in mind when playing demo slots at the site

WhatToKeepInMindWhenPlayingDemoSlotsAtTheSite PostImage - Learn About the Site that Offers Countless Demo Slots to Gamblers in New Zealand

We recommend that you play at least 150 and ideally 200 spins of any slot machine at Online Slots NZ to get a good perception of what each game is actually like. The gameplay may not grab you from the very beginning, but after a fair amount of spins you can uncover several exciting features that you will love.

What should you keep in mind when playing a demo slot and trying to determine if it is the kind of game you would be willing to play for real money? Consider three main aspects: the theme, the bet range and the volatility.


Figure out if the overall theme of the slot fits your personal interests and makes the game engaging and entertaining for you.

Bet range

The bet range can be very different from one online slot to another. Make sure that the game matches your budget. The best way to do that is by thinking of the play money you have access to in the demo version as actual money.

Then, you will be able to figure out if you have the budget to play the slot once you decide to move on to the real money version.


You should always look for information about a slot´s return to player percentage. Additionally, keep track of how many times you hit winnings and how generous those payouts are. Of course, that is far from a precise arithmetic average, but it will help you grasp the specificities of your personal experience with the game.

Head over to Online Slots NZ, the oasis of free slot machines for players in New Zealand!

6OfTheMostPopularOnlineCasinoSlotsInNewZealand FeaturedImage 840x470 - 6 of the Most Popular Online Casino Slots in New Zealand

Many Internet gamblers in New Zealand tend to gravitate towards these six amazing slot machines. Try them for yourself and see which ones are your favorite.

We suggest you read our article on the 3 top online casino websites before signing up at an online casino to start playing these amazing online pokies.

Frankie Dettori’s Magic Seven

This exciting online slot with impressive moving graphics is provided by Playtech and it pays homage to Frankie Dettori, who has achieved one of the greatest sporting feats in history. Back in 1996, the British jockey had a magic day. He won all seven horse races he competed in.

The slot machine has five reels and 25 paylines. There are also expanding wilds and bonus rounds with free spins. To win, you need to get three or more icons lined in order. If you land five headshots of Frankie Dettori, you win the grand prize, which comes in the form of an outstanding reward of 7777 times your wager.


Starburst is one of the most popular online slots not only in New Zealand, but also around the world. The game developed by NetEnt is already legendary and it is considered by many to be the standard for online slot machines.

Starburst sticks to a classic, simple, less is more approach. It is a space-themed adventure with five reels and 10 paylines. The fun and familiar feel reminiscent of the old-school arcade games keeps gamblers going back to try and scoop more winnings.

Age of the Gods

Prepare for an epic journey in Age of the Gods. The online slot was developed by Playtech and it materializes the myths of the Greeks gods. Different gods that feature in the game offer exclusive types of bonuses. The slot has five reels and 20 paylines.

Throughout the exciting game, some of the gods, including Zeus, Athena, Hercules and Poseidon, use their incomparable powers to activate wilds and bonuses. You can earn up to 7000 times your bet.

Desert Treasure

The classic tale of the X on a map marking the spot of a treasure that will change the life of its finder forever has been appealing for generations. In online slots, there is no difference.

Desert Treasure is a game that features cobras, sheiks, princesses, and many more interesting elements. Players love the Hidden Oasis bonus round.

Beach Life

As the name gives away, Beach Life is a fun, light and engaging online slot machine packed with eye-catching visual elements. But the game is much more than that.

In fact, Beach Life is one of the highest-paying slots on this list. No wonder Kiwis tend to love it. By playing this game, you can hit jackpots that amount to millions.

Thunderstruck II

Just as with the Age of the Gods online slot, while playing Thunderstruck II you will embark on an epic, rush-inducing, mythical and empowering adventure. The visuals on the slot machine are truly engaging and feature Norse gods, lightning and, of course, the famous hammer.

The graphics and the sound effects have improved significantly since the release of the first Thunderstruck slot. The game is really something else, as you are offered 243 different paylines. The bonus rounds trigger vibrant and exclusive features.

This selection includes online slots for all kinds of likes, needs and wants. Which one will you try first?