The Rise of Online Adventure Slots

Playing online adventure slots can be exciting all in itself as you imagine yourself exploring the world in search of treasure. Together, with many other adventurers, you are sure to discover many fortunes within the jungles.

Today, we will introduce you to the world of online adventure slots as well as what they are and the reason why you need to be playing them. Once you have a firm grasp on adventure slots, we’ll go over a few of them and explain what makes them worth playing.

What is an Online Adventure Slot?

An online adventure slot is made up of a slot game that has an adventure or travel theme set around events that have happened, legends, myths, or destinations worth travelling to. Not only that, but they include a vast array of creatures and characters that’ll make the adventure exciting.

What may surprise you is the fact that a big win will not always be the reason behind many players seeking to play these themed slots. What the players often feel drawn to are the different blend of action, scenes, the sounds, and of course the riches.

Why Play Online Adventure Slots

Regardless of the amount you have to play with or method at which you play, a slot that includes different themes like adventure can easily ship you off onto your very own adventure. It can be an exciting change when you’re able to come across an interesting theme.

It’s always interesting to stumble upon a new world or happen upon a theme you never knew existed. This is what makes online adventure slots the most favoured by gamblers today.

To have an idea of what we mean, we have listed a few reasons for so much popularity of online adventure slots.

• Online adventure slots incorporate themes and designs that are the most liked and recognized.

• They can easily transform your reality and take you into the gaming world.

• Game characters correlate with the theme of the game and focus on archeological discoveries, travel, adventure, treasures, and jungles.

• Besides having fun with the theme players still manage to rack up sizeable payouts and bonuses.

• Players can take the games “on the go” on their mobile devices such as a cell phone or tablet.

A Few examples

You would be surprised to know just how many online adventure slots there currently are. However, we’ve listed a few examples of the most popular currently available. Who knows, maybe your favourite will be listed below.

Gonzo’s Quest

This online adventure slot follows a Spanish adventurer known as Gonzalo Pizarro. Throughout Gonzo’s Quest, you’ll discover why this online adventure slot has become loved by so many players. Not only is it enjoyed by thousands, but it is also NetEnt’s first successful slot to go mobile. As you play you will be instantly transported into a world located deep inside the jungles of Central America.

Gonzo’s Quest highlights many unique ways that allow players to fully enjoy the adventure. These include substitutions of the wild, multipliers, free fall, avalanche reels, and an assortment of visuals and sounds. All of which supplies their game with an exciting and straightforward plot.

Mining Fever

Mining Fever by Rabcat follows a few dwarfs who set out to find a treasure that a dragon keeps guard of. Your objective is to help the dwarfs drill their way underneath as they head towards the dragon. You are surely going to be collecting gold and smashing things along the way as you take a ride on their Dwarven Gold Train.

With a lot of action involved as you drill, you’ll discover many things to hit and bomb all while winning a good payout. It involves multi-lines that provide over 240 methods of winning.

Treasure Skyland

Treasure Skyland by Microgaming and JFTW introduces the player to the adventurous world of pirate monkeys. As you take a cruise on their ship towards Treasure Skyland, you will only be able to imagine what awaits you. Treasure Skyland prides itself with their treasure map and Features Reel.

With the Treasure, Skyland Feature Reel makes unplanned stops so that each spin increases the chance of winning by use of the wild, upgrades, and multipliers. Besides that, an offer known as Pick Bonus allows the player to receive a top prize following the successful completion of all treasure map steps.

Aldo’s Journey

As you set out on Aldo’s Journey you’ll enjoy world travels that are made possible by Yggdrasil. Throughout this slot, you’ll be searching Mongolia, Persia, Italy, and China for various benefits and offers while exploring each region as you complete your round of free spins.

Aldo’s Journey provides a design with exciting images and background. Not only that, but Aldo’s Journey slot is very unique, to say the least. Aldo’s Journey is perfect for players who want to experience adventure in a whole new way.

Skulls Up!

Skulls Up is another pirate-themed slot that was developed by Quickspin and has you searching for treasure and skulls.

Throughout Skulls Up you’ll experience an adventure that has you searching for wilds known as a Flaming Skull. Once you trigger one you will get to experience a feature known as the wild respin. Plus, after triggering a total of three treasure chests, a round of free spins will be accessed.

Jungle Jim and the Lost Sphinx

This adventure-themed slot by Microgaming is the second adventure that shows Jungle Jim continuing his search for treasure. As a player plays Jungle Jim and the Lost Sphinx they’ll enjoy an opportunity to achieve a massive payout amount of over 6,200x, beautiful visual effects, free spins, multipliers, and win boosters.

Not only that but this reel slot consists of 5×5 and offers over 30 pay lines that can be increased to 50 so that many more wins are possible.

John Hunter and the Aztec Treasure

This adventurous slot is a continuation of a series that follows the main character, John Hunter. As you head out to explore with John you’ll soon discover ancient Aztec secrets that only John Hunter and the Aztec Treasure slot can provide.

To get the most out of John Hunter and the Aztec Treasure, you need to continuously trigger the multipliers and free spins.

Mighty Arthur

This adventure slot has King Arthur teaming up with Merlin to remove the sword from the Stone so that the player can receive a generous payout.

The Mighty Arthur online slot provides a generous amount of free spins, as well as many other perks. Other perks include wilds that look like heroes and are fully viewable. Merlin is a random wild and can appear at any moment to enhance 6 other wilds, while King Arthur is capable of creating a symbol with a 3×3 maximum payout.


When it comes to adventure-themed slots, you can see that there are a lot of reasons to get in on the action. Not only will you love how each adventure is set up, but you will always find a way to win big while playing.

Hopefully, we’ve sparked your interest enough to where you will love to play one of these online adventure slots. If you do, we are certain that you will enjoy every minute that you spend playing.

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