Our Top Slot Games for On The Go

The Five Most Popular Online Slot Games That You Can Take On-The-Go

Casino games are very popular in New Zealand. According to some players, slot games outrank things like live dealer poker, Roulette, and other table games by a large number. The exact number we do not have on file, but it is big enough to warrant the mention. Now let’s get down to the reason we are all here today. Today’s topic is about on-the-go slot games that players seem to gravitate to more than others. Now, we cannot mention all the preferred options. That is why we apologize (in advance) if your favourite has been left off. This list is comprised of the 5 most popular selections.

1) Starburst

This has become a staple for a lot of players. There is no way we can leave this one off the list. This one began in New Zealand and has found its way into the hands of players around the world. Players like this game because it was created by NetEnt a preferred software option for most players and the makers of the great Gonzo’s Quest. This selection is space-themed, which is why it was given the name. The overall schematic (of the game) is to give a throwback to the old arcade idealogy. The graphics are not going to be complex. In fact, the graphics are very simple in their overall layout. However, it is that old-fashioned appeal that players like.

2) The Age of the Gods

What sets this game apart from the rest is that it is more than a simple game. Players will be taken on an epic journey when they play. The game is filled with multiple Gods (hence the title). Each God gives the player a chance at a bonus spin and round. Players are going to recognize many of the familiar Gods in this game You have Gods like Athena, Zeus, and Hercules. What happens when you hit the right God combination? You will have access to bonuses and wild features. You can also have access to the prospect of having your initial bet being increased to 7,000 the original. Now is this the main reason that players like this slot game so much? No, but it does not hurt the matter.

3) Desert Treasure

This might be a new one for some of you. It is for us because we had never heard of this slot game until now. According to players who have played it, this game definitely keeps your attention. The goal is to locate the treasure (hence the name) and score the right combination. Those who do score the right combination can have access to treasure and riches that will change their lives. The bonus features end up being the thing that keeps pulling you back in. Just when you think you are not going to hit it big, the bonus feature will suck you back in. Some of the main icons in the game include a princess, snakes, and other desert-like items. Players do have the option to move onto the bonus round if they hit the right mark. The bonus round is called the Hidden Oasis. This bonus round gives you the chance to win more big money, but you have to get there first. That is why it keeps sucking players back in. The game will pull you back in just when you think you have lost. The slot game definitely does take you on a journey.

4) The Beach Life

Have you ever thought about going on your dream vacation? This might seem like a pretty obvious question but bear with me here. This takes your dream vacation fantasies and places them into a slot game. Playing the Beach Life is everything you might expect from a dream vacation. That is if your dream vacation includes a beach scenario. The game is fun (as any vacation should be). It is not meant to be taken too seriously, except if you win big. The graphics are pretty cool and high-quality. Players do have the chance to win some major cash and prizes. Some of the jackpots go into the millions. However, you do have to keep playing and trying your luck. The game is not going to just give it to you. The game does have one of the highest jackpots on record. That is why it makes it to number four on the list.

5) You have Been Thunderstruck

The game is actually called, Thunderstruck 2, but we thought we would add in the AC/DC reference for fun. This is another game that will take you n a ride. This is another slot game that has both Gods and other mystical creatures. One of the main features is a Norse God. This icon can trigger some other features through the lighting bolt. One of the features players need is the hammer. The hammer is there to help you win big, as is the lighting bolt. The graphics are top-of-the-line. Players have the choice to play anywhere from 1 to 243 pay lines. The more lines you play, the better your shot is at winning. This is another slot game where you have the chance to increase your win to more than 7,000 times your initial bet. We hope your favourite made the list. Good luck and have fun, no matter what slot game you choose.

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